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USA K9 Training Center and Corporate Headquarters:

K9 Working Dogs International, LLC is a private Government Contractor - for profit entity, with emphasis on providing modern-motivational training methods for Service Dogs, Police K9s, and Law Enforcement Personnel. Locations in North America and Europe, serving the private sector and Law Enforcement Agencies globally.

Official Training Courses satisfy continuation training standards as per State and Federal Guidelines, the U.S. Supreme Court, the European Union Police and Civilian Services Training (EUPCST) and are approved by the Department of Homeland Security Justice & Community Services, Law Enforcement Professional Standards (LEPS) Program - oversight of training and certification of Law Enforcement Officers, Code 30-29 et al and Legislative Rules CSR 149-2 et al.

Our Staff of Commissioned Active Duty Law Enforcement, Police K9 Handlers, SUPREME COURT - SCOTUS recognized K9 SMEs (K9 Subject Matter Experts), Kennel Masters, Master K9 Trainers, and Police Service Dog Certifying Officals (Police Dog Judges), have first-hand field experience, providing Training & Police K9's to Law Enforcement Agencies and Government Organizations, and Security Dogs for the Private sector, in over 31 Countries world-wide; K9 Working Dogs International has the experience and resources to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our Law Enforcement Agency customers.

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Internationally Recognized -
Working Service Dog & Police K9 Training Center

Service Dog & Police K9 Training:
Providing the most advanced training methods for Law Enforcement & specialized Service Dogs in North America!

Officer / K9 Handler Training, , Advanced Tactical & Interdiction Courses that will ensure optimum performance and proficiency on the Streets and in Court, to truly impact the Communities you serve!

Meeting State & National Certification Standards:

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Police & Service Dogs For Sale -
Officially Certified Police K9s & Service Dogs Available

Police K9's & Service Dogs For Sale:
Meeting State, National and International PSD / PSP Certification Standards!

We offer a wide selection of Police & Service Dogs for sale. Our K9's are bred for POLICE WORK! We provide a 5 YEAR Guarantee! Healthy, high drive Socially stable K9s for Detection, Tracking, Officer Protection, Apprehension... More

K9 LEAP Grant
Law Enforcement Funding Assistance Program

Available for Law Enforcement Agencies that qualify! "Get the right K9, Equipment, & Officer Training you need to impact your Community in a positive and... More...



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